Amy Duncan

I am a wife to my amazing husband, Ryan and a mother of four growing kids (17, 15, 13 and 11 years old). Our family loves a good adventure and we enjoy exploring new places. Each one of my kids are completely unique and each have their own gifts, talents and opinions! Life is fast paced and I do my best to hold onto each moment as it comes.

I value the haven that is my home and I want to help others find the same within their homes. I have always loved the beauty of spaces — the textures, the colors, the unique combinations that can be created and then recreated in new ways. I especially love creating spaces that draw people in and promote good conversations, family memories and warm gatherings.

I believe in the whimsical, the weird, the cozy, the artful, the story behind the object. My absolute favorite part of the job is meeting new, unique people, with their own story to tell. It is an honor and a pleasure to be invited into people’s sacred space, their homes, to dream and stir up vision. I long to see people love their homes and find contentment in their space, whether big or small.

I truly believe that most people have a great eye for design, they are just oftentimes not sure how to make the first step. It is such a treat to see clients come alive with creativity and take off with their ideas and vision.